The "Building" Leader

  • You are strongest in Strategy, your Intermediate leg is Chemistry, while your weaker leg is Spirituality. Your leadership style is the "Building" Leader. Your Profile Code is ST-CH-SP.
  • The "Building" Leader is gifted by God God to strategize for growth, enlist other leaders, then together lead the way in enlarging the mission of God.
  • You are best described as being gifted at growing organizations. You instinctively know how to create the right conditions and systems that produce numeric growth, so that more and more people will come and join.
  • Joseph, Deborah and Saul are three Biblical examples of "Building" Leaders.
  • Mother Teresa, Bill Bright and Dawson Trotman are three more recent examples of Christian leaders who "Building" Leaders.
  • "Building" Leaders often have the Growth gift.
  • The "Building" Leader needs to give special attention to developing Vital Spirituality. Their ministry productivity consumes so much of their time and energy that they may have little time left for spiritual intimacy with God.