The "Imaginative" Leader

  • You are Strongest in Spirituality, your Intermediate leg is Strategy, while your weaker leg is Chemistry. Your leadership style is the "Imaginative" Leader.
  • The "Imaginative" Leader is gifted by God to interact with an innovative vision from God, then help lead people to step out in faith and live out that new way of being the people of God.
  • You are best described as the Spiritually Creative Leader.
  • Three Biblical Examples of the "Imaginative" Leader (past and present) who were/are John the Baptist, Daniel and Samuel.
  • Three Examples of Christian leaders (past and present) who were/are "Imaginative" Leaders: Martin Luther King, C. S. Lewis and Erwin McManus.
  • "Imaginative" Leaders often have the gift of a prophet.
  • The Most Common Flaw of "Imaginative" Leaders is their lack of relational wisdom. Often, their heads are in the clouds with their great, new ideas, so they miss critical relational clues sent by others.
  • For Pastoral Christian leaders, this style is called the "Imaginative" Leader.