The "Inspirational" Leader

  • You are strongest in Chemistry, your Intermediate leg is Strategy, while your weaker leg is Spirituality. Your leadership style is the "Inspirational" Leader. Their Profile Code is CH-ST-SP.
  • You are gifted by God to connect effectively with a crowd, and motivate them to follow Jesus, by engaging in the mission of God.
  • You are best described as being motivational. They naturally lead through their ability to influence people when speaking in public.
  • Elijah, Peter and Apollos are three Biblical examples of "Inspirational" Leaders.
  • George Whitfield, Billy Graham and Aimee Semple McPherson are three more recent examples of Christian leaders who are "Inspirational" Leaders.
  • The "Inspirational" Leaders needs to give special attention to developing consistent practices of Bible study and devotional habits. Often, they are so busy spending time with crowds of people that they do not take the time to nurture Scriptural Depth or Intimacy with God.