The "Mission" Leader

  • You are strongest in Strategy, your Intermediate leg is Spirituality, while your weaker leg is Chemistry. Your leadership style is the "Mission" Leader. Your Profile Code is ST-SP-CH.
  • The "Mission" Leader is gifted by God to foresee the spiritual vision needed in the immediate future. They call people to follow a deeper Gospel, while multiplying disciples and new expressions of the mission of God.
  • You are best described as being gifted at multiplying. Your best fruitfulness comes through reproducing other leaders to start and flourish in new ministries and locations.
  • Moses, Nehemiah and Paul are three Biblical examples of the "Missional".
  • John Wesley, Bill Hybels and Annie Armstrong are three xxamples of more recent Christian leaders are "Mission" Leaders: .
  • "Mission" Leaders often have the gift of an Apostle.
  • The "Mission" Leader needs to give special attention to developing People Sensitivity. Their strong task orientation may keeps them from slowing down and empathizing with people.