The "Relational" Leader

  • You are strongest in Chemistry, your Intermediate leg is Spirituality, while your weaker leg is Strategy. Your leadership style is the "Relational" Leader. Their Profile Code is CH-SP-ST.
  • The "Relational" Leader is gifted by God to connect emotionally with people, and inspire them to follow God and love each other.
  • You are best described as the Loving Leader. You naturally lead through your ability to create affectionate relationships with large numbers of individuals.
  • Jonathan, Esther and Barnabas are three Biblical examples that fit the profile of the "Relational" Leader.
  • Max Lucado, Adrian Rogers and Lloyd John Ogilvie are three more recent examples of "Relational" Leaders.
  • "Relational" Leaders often have the gift of Pastor.
  • The "Relational" Leader needs to give special attention to developing Clarifying Focus. They love being with people, but often do not know where or how they should lead those people.