The "Sacred" Leader

  • You are Strongest in Spirituality, your Intermediate leg is Chemistry, while your weaker leg is Strategy. Your leadership style is the "Sacred" Leader. Your Profile Code is SP-CH-ST.
  • The "Sacred" Leader is gifted by God to connect spiritually with people, and encourage them to grow deeper God, while paying attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • You are best described as described as a deep person. They naturally lead through their ability to connect to the deepest parts of people through the communication of the deep things of God.
  • Isaiah, John (the disciple) and Mary (the sister of Martha) are three Biblical examples of "Sacred" Leaders.
  • A. W. Tozer, Susannah Wesley and Pope John Paul II are three more recent examples of Christian leaders (past and present) who were/are "Sacred" Leaders.
  • "Sacred" Leaders usually have the gift of a Teacher.
  • The "Sacred" Leader needs to give special attention to their developing of Earthly Usefulness. They often struggle to translate their deep spirituality into physical ministry productivity.