"It must be a sign."

Those are the words we silently mutter to ourselves when we experience something uncanny; almost too well-timed to be random. We proceed from there with a silent inward debate. Sign from God? Scientific explanation? Random coincidence? And we either explain ourselves out of the miracle, or we investigate further into its meaning in our lives. For some, there is no meaning. But for all, deep down inside there is a hope for it. We all have these moments.

The real question is not so much the scientific veracity of these happenings, but rather, am I ignoring one too many of these?

Seven weeks. Seven signs. We'll be looking at Seven Signs of Jesus from the Gospel of John, beginning with the season of Lent, culminating with Easter Sunday. Our Woven Groups will be studying them. We'll be learning about them on Sundays and absorbing their significance for our lives. And in the end we will reflect on the crucial question: What or whom do these signs point to?

Come join us starting Sunday, February 22, 2015.